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Flow Tasks

Developer: Flow Technologies Ltd.

Teams everywhere use Flow to chat, discuss tasks, and plan projects — all the important things that help everyone get more done.This is Flow Tasks, which helps you can manage all your tasks on-the-go. Whether you’re having breakfast at home, riding the bus, or in the midst of a trip around the world, Flow Tasks keeps you connected to your team and your work. Download the Flow Chat app to have discussions with your team using chat rooms and direct messages.
Here are just a few things you’ll love about Flow Tasks:
Everything comes together. When people and work are scattered all over, things are bound to get lost. Bring every task to a single, shared place, and let everyone follow along.So long, emails and meetings. You won’t need to rely on email and meetings to stay in touch with your team. And status meetings? A thing of the past. Just check Flow Tasks!Work finally feels organized. You’ll always know what to do next. Organize your team’s tasks into projects, set due dates, and let Flow keep you on-task.
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